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Through Garance's blog she has worked with several companies and designers.Most notably for The Gap, who she created illustrated t-shirts which were limited to only 69 of each kind and sold in London's Carnaby Street. Without resorting to hyperbole, let's just put it this way: Pretty much everyone in the room died and went to heaven. But we were not at all prepared for what would happen when Schuman interviewed Doré about her life and career onstage at the French Institute Alliance Française (FIAF) on Thursday night.) handedly disproved that whole “don’t mix business with pleasure” rule.If their seven-year relationship was lived publicly, though, its end was arguably even more so.The blog allowed Garance a complete freedom of expression, while sharing the vignettes of her day and exploring fashion, illustration, narration and photography.

She began as an illustrator, and became frustrated with the commissions she had, and in particular by the lack of contact with the readers.As he told Isaac Likes, “It’s not that we wanted to end it on social media, we felt we had to, to make it clear that there was no scandal or anything.” It also had something to do with Fashion Week.As he put it, “We’d broken up a little bit before the statement, but it was the summer and Fashion Week was coming up so to make things easier with show invitations and where people were seating us we felt we had to.I thought she said they have been together since 2007, but perhaps she just said they met. Celle du reportage calibr sur l’immdiatet et le vcu.Someone who is fluent in French I'm sure will help. Dsormais Garance et Scott explorent ensemble le vaste champ d’exprimentations offert par ce modle conomique mergent.

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Garance Dore and Scott Schuman have been dating for two years, but their lives also intersect professionally, meaning that sometimes they — and other street-style photographers — sometimes hone in on the same subjects.